August 17, 2013

Another Embarrassing Post

I wanted to title this post:

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff On Your Students

but it won't let me use any special font effects in the title.

I chose to go for a quick 7 miles before ICU rounds this morning so that I could squeeze in another 3 after and have 10 in before it got wicked-southern-summer-hot (although it never did but I can't predict the weather and the meteorologists seem a bit off lately). This meant that I went into ICU a little sweaty* (but I did wear my white coat! #dresscode). We decided to remove a patient's IV catheter that had been causing her a bit of distress and it was no longer needed. I am working on said patient's catheter while Student is holding legs to prevent getting my wrists scratched open when I notice a bit of sweat dripping on Student's hand.


Of course I apologize and try to adjust things to eliminate this fiasco of a shenanigan. And of course Student says "oh, it's fine!"


Dear Student, it is not fine that your professor sweats on you. Sincerely, Professor P.

*In fact it was only a little compared to my usual sweat-fest. The weather was unseasonably cool.

1 comment:

  1. They will get far worse things on them in their career than a little sweat, might as well get used to it now.